Nomad Lab

Nomad Lab is a small production company which produces high quality projects, strongly focused on treasuring each and every detail. Its core business are fashion films, photo editorials, branded contents, service for foreign production companies, luxury and design projects, and more. Nomad Lab is a modular atelier, capable of both focusing on niche projects and expanding to embrace larger projects by working with a network of directors, photographers and creatives with whom it is always a great pleasure to team up.


Until I was three Sicily was my home. Then my family starts roaming between Italy, the UAE and Egypt. I grow to become bilingual, I attend British and International schools which change with each relocation, I create bonding friendships in each place, I travel. My sea and my hometown are the only roots I have. At the age of 15 I arrive in Milan, a city that takes me a while to learn to appreciate and love, as it deserves. I finish off my school studies, take a degree in Communication Studies and later stumble on a set, which I unpredictably completely fall for. I therefore start my carreer as a producer in the advertising and video production industry. I start my first stable steps as a producer in The Family Film, working side by side with talented and generous producers from which I learn all I can in a moment in which the advertising industry was very lively and dense. I then become a free-lance and begin following a different path, full of new contacts and special collaborations. I work both on Italian productions and services for foreign crews, with young directors and photographers or with the most famous and established ones. I grow. When I meet Luca Guadagnino (director of “I am love” and “A bigger splash”), who becomes my friend and mentor, I give a strong twist to my professional specialization, focusing on producing, with Frenesy Films, projects tied to fashion, luxury and cinema. In the meantime the sea I have within me pushes me to a new dock, where I find a more dynamic personal balance and feel home. Nomad Lab.


A selection of previous collaborations projects and from Nomad Lab reel.

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